Will the exchange platform have native automated trading capabilities?


Hi Adam,

First I just want to thank you for coming up with such a good idea!

Futures Trading Heaven :blush:

I can’t wait until the exchange is launched. I will be trading day 1 :slight_smile:

Now to my question.

Will the Digitex Platform have automated trading capabilities?
For example, something along the lines of what NinjaTrader has for building custom automated trading strategies with strategy builders using technical indicators etc.?

If yes, then great! I’m even more excited!!!

If not, will it be coming out on future versions of the exchange?

That feature is a must in my opinion.

I really hope it will be included in the launch version, but if not, I hope it is on the books for development in the near future after launch.

Thanks for your time!

Stay cool and down to earth :slight_smile:


Please make the charts as beautiful and as elegant as possible. As a trader yourself, I’m sure you appreciate the presentation of price action through sleek and stylish charting capabilities.


It’s been almost 3 weeks and no reply from Adam or even anyone on the team???

Can someone answer my question please…


A similar question was already asked


hence why it probably hasn’t been answered. Apologies too because I didn’t realise it was here.

It doesn’t look like something that will be in the first build at least.

Future versions it’s possible but we can’t really go too deeply into that right now when we don’t even have a product built. Ultimately we want the product to be successful and if adding automated trading down the line helps do that we’ll do it but we don’t want to be bogged down by bots at the beginning. There’s not really much point having a great interface and one touch trading too if we’re just going to allow bots to takeover early on.

Obviously there are plus points to automated trading too as it could bring extra liquidity but when we launch liquidity shouldn’t be a problem with the loaded market makers.

It will be discussed in depth by Adam and the team in future developments, don’t worry about that!