What is the name of this type of trading surface


Hello Adam, thank you for this great idea DigitexFutures.

My question is: What is the name of this type of trading surface?

I’ve read names like ladder or dom-trading. Are there any interesting pages where I and all members can read into this kind of trading.

So far I’ve only got to know the forms like Metatrader 4.0.

Many Thanks.


I’ve always called it a ladder trading interface, but other people call it a DOM which means Depth of Market. The ladder is easily the best type of trading interface for short term traders, its so nice, you can see the price moving literally up and down which lets you visualise exactly what is going on. When you get into the zone you can really see what is going on and you can react instantly by submitting trades with a single click and without needing to use the keyboard or move your mouse or take your eyes off the price for even a second.