WeChat, AliPay, and the rise of crypto


Fellow Crypto Nerds,

I’d like to hear some thoughts on the advent of payment methods that have been incorporated into everyday life across the globe such as the platforms mentioned in the title.

The the number of transactions that are completed daily through Alipay and WeChat are absolutely staggering. Though these two platforms are not here in the US with many of us in the way they are in China the technology exists and could be replicated by giants like Google or Apple who might incorporate something similar. Think about having a payment platform directly incorporated into the OS of your smartphone that could be used for transactions through all of the apps that already exist on your phone. This could be a major threat to the traditional financial industry as a whole.

Now enter crypto; smart contracts, decentralized system, highly secure, easy to use, fast. I think a combination of the two is worthy of discussion.

Jskelington >;D