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Honestly I’m most interested to see what Africa will create. The ingenuity that comes out of such pressure always blows my mind.


It will be the Wakanda of all cryptos lol see how the Black Panther went to a billion sales in no time, our crypto will just be as awesome. Creates healthy competition too


So much opportunity for cryptocurrencies all over the world. The only problem in more established financial countries like the US continues to throw negative propaganda against the blockchain in general. You have to remember that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are a direct threat to government control. No more massaging the numbers or printing new money.

Just like Digitex, crypto markets are a direct superposition of supply and demand and the supply is limited by a legitimate democracy of the people, ie smart contracts.

Africa will show huge adoption rates because of the youth and their quick understanding that the exchange of value is simply built on the trust that you can exchange that value for livable items such as food, utilities, and other goods and services.

I’m truly excited to see the future of crypto.