TA music / playlists


So it’s lounge and I figure there has to be some music playing in longue.
I’ll start with what do I usually listen while staring at the charts

who knows, maybe we all get richer in more than just digitex


It’s a bit rainy today, so lo-fi is just about right.


positive vibes for positive charts, some alts are showing green :notes:


oldie but goldie, notice the video and audio sync.
Wonder will btc fall a bit in next hour



Bit of Lounge


we’re going with africa today. for focus and relaxation. god i sound so new age… -_-



I have this tune on my phone over decade now :upside_down_face:


One of my old favorites :yum:


It’s a masterpiece, enjoy with closed eyes :relaxed:
One of the best tracks ever!


I hope you sold your positions yesterday because doing so today is extremely risky. (altough whoever shorted yesterday after that hammer close on a daily also has some balls of steel)
either way, it’s the one hit wonders weekend! rejoice!


Was better with closed ears :hear_no_evil: