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Yeah that one works too :grinning:


This forum here looks very bright and friendly, pleasant color scheme, the font size is great. The lyrics are at a comfortable distance from each other. And I think I’ll handle the navigation as well. This is and will be a great meeting place for the community.


Truth Sir, This is a perfect alternative to the Telegram group chat.


I fixed it for you lol.



Yeah sure is


How to quote :laughing:
Highlight text and quote option appears



I’m able to use my account while i didnt use the “confirm your account email”



Yeah it’s turned off cause you’ve already confirmed your email by accepting my invite… so ignore my pointless welcome email :rofl:


Uhm, maybe its because im a little bit tired, but this “all white all black” theme its some how tiring my eyes, if its just me then ignore this comment.


We’ll be adding the dark theme later, but for the moment it’s just the light theme.


I don’t seem to be able to reply or start a New Topic in some sub topics, such as “Ask Adam”. Are some of these restricted or am I missing something?


Yes they are not immediately available to new members, shouldn’t take too long though.


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Sona, why did u blocked or muted me on telegram group ? whatever my mistake please forgive me.

Future Projection

Messaged ya on TG. Not been banned, seems to be the Telegram red exclamation mark issue when messages fail to send. Usually resolves itself after a few hours.

EDIT - moved to a more relevant thread


Thanks for ur respond, I am grateful.

Future Projection