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I don’t see the button for replying to the message from the bot.
I tried to send “him” personal message, but I’m not allowed to.

Can you please help me?


Yeah PM’s are disabled - Only staff can start PM’s to stop scammers :grin:


Hi Sona, thanks for having me here.
This is nice but I don’t see any button to send a friend request or follow Community members?


Hi Sona,
I think the feature to like my own post will be great.


Hey - I don’t think this is a feature in Discourse yet(Discourse is the software the forum is built on) but I’ll ask one of our tech guys to confirm


When I reply on a comment in a thread, my reply doesn’t go straight under the comment which I replied to instead would be the last post on the thread, this is a major bug that needs fixing


same here :smiley:


So we cant reply to the bot, great, I was beginning to feel silly. Also, when you go to +message from the bot conversation, you cannot trashcan the message even if you erase everything, you have to hit back to get out of it all.


It does but it also posts as a general comment, see if you click 1 reply.


Oh yeah, next to the comment is a small picture related to who the comment was posted to. Hm… I guess it works for now, or we have to adapt if it cannot be changed


Yes, also you can copy text and “quote” option will pop up, just click on it and see how easy it is to quote someone :wink:


Dmitrij the tech guru :grin:


Looks like quoting works even on the phone


Yeah the mobile site is just as awesome and easy to use. There’s a discourse app as well you can download and add the blog to that.


frikken sweet, thanks!


Just downloaded the app and sending it from there :smiley: Works just awesome!! Just like the rest of all this forum! There are still few things that would be nice if it were fixed but overall. Easy to use and Well arranged - and that’s what everyone looks for :smiley:


Hello, with the first few clicks I lost myself in the menu items. is there something like a home button.


Hi Andres! On the top right corner is the hamburger to navigate, also if you scroll page up to the top “Digitex Community” will appear instead of current topic, click on that one and it will take you home :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you, also I found in topic list “categories” as home button