Question about marketing


Hi Adam.
Long time fan, first time caller. lol
Wanted to ask…

Will you guys be doing any offline marketing/ direct marketing
to any “Ïnstitutions” for example, and the likes?

Do you see business partnerships developing with exchanges in
the future, where users of a certain exchange can trade futures
through them on the DGTX Platform?

Any social events planned for the coming years?

Also, what gym do you go to ?

When DGTX goes to $5 by next year, I’m thanking you with a surf trip to indo! :smile:


Not sure how much marketing we will be doing to institutions. It’s not a bad idea, will look into it more. My belief is that most of our traders will be small retail traders but I’ve learnt not to assume anything with marketing so will look into it.

We’re open to all kinds of business partnerships in the future if they make sense for our users and will increase demand for DGTX tokens. We’re focused now on creating a solid first version but after the initial launch has calmed down we could consider it.

I’m not really a social events type of guy so I haven’t got any planned but now I think about it we should have some sort of shindig to celebrate the initial launch, right? I don’t know lets figure it out closer to the time.

I’m not a member of any gym. There’s some pull up bars by the beach that I skate by everyday and there I do pull ups, push ups, dips, sit ups, handstands, leg raises etc, its way better than going to an air conditioned gym :slight_smile:

Looking forward to that trip to Indonesia :smile: