Promoting DGTX in the Streets close to Stock exchanges all over the world


Hey guys,

Since we are a community that is located all over the world we have allot of power :muscle:t2:

Do u think we need to promote(signs) DGTX in the streets close to stock exchanges all over the world?
If your agree put a #withyourcityname under your post to see how wide spread we are.

Greetings Robbiej010


We should get some stickers printed closer to the launch !


For sure! All it takes is one Wall Street bull to see the sticker and tell all his friends


Yeah exactly!

And some posters that have some size so they stick out.
In my country we stick those onto everything where they fit, with some wallpaperglue it works perfect :grin:


Something like that


Blue Horseshoe loves Digitex Futures.

A global campaign in print mode is very expensive. However, a small shop with small stickers, t-shirt, caps and various downloads such as wallpapers should be feasible.


This makes sense and before now I personally plan to print the DGTX logo and it web on some quality T-shirt and distribute them in my school.


Every little bit helps.
I believe we need target the big boys directly.
I don’t think it would be hard to put together an attractive presentation and have someone with class, confidence and charisma, present it to hedge fund managers etc about the ease of making / saving money with this platform.
Having an incentive program for their employees would be a good little way to get them on also.
I mean, if the fee free and ease of the platform isn’t enough, I don’t know what would be. :wink:


I agree, actively searching for large wall st investors to invest and tell their friends. They trade massive contracts, token price shoots up


On the one hand, this scenario could come this way. But we were not all happy that Adam has approached a large investor and has moved him to relinquish his position. Digitex Futures should continue to appeal to the masses. Many small investors bring in more long-term activity than some big ones. In addition, decentralized governance by blockchain is of great importance, something you can not even estimate today.


I cant speak for everyone on this.
I am of the opinion as an investor…
Yes I am happy that the tokens were spread among “small” investors opposed to “whales.”
As an investor of the DGTX platform I want to see the platform doing billions in trade per day, per hour!
You and I and i’m sure a lot of other people in here just aren’t going to bring that. I am merely a crumb in the loaf that is out there.
The route to getting the bog boys playing is to market directly to them. Make a personal connection. Offer them the personal opportunity.
We, then the token holders will literally be smiling all the way to the BABB (BAX) :wink:


That will be interesting in any case, as the platform is accepted in the market. How many traders, with which investment do they want to be? How big will be the volume? How many will drive their accounts to the wall? How many will be successful? How does the Market Maker Pool will work? How does the platform will work? All of this will be more than interesting in the first few days, watching and being in the midst of it. I look forward to it. DGTX will be a part of my life. Crazy, maybe !


A big investor coming in to trade, will only give us visibility amongst the masses. The moment we have good volume the large base of small investors will start to flock on our exchange. It absolutely makes sense to bring in some institutional and / or whales (HNI’s) to come and trade on our platform. Also one added advantage is that all the followers of these whales will follow and trade on DGTX.


yehhhhhh boi !!
Lets make this happen.
Even if we were to create a 2nd cousin company that promotes to institutions and funds etc
Its a win win win!!


I am willing to contribute in any way possible. I hope the team can involve the larger DGTX community to contribute so that the work load can be shared and as a team we can achieve more. Lets do this!


I’ll be changing my profile picture to the DGTX logo and sharing it with the crypto groups I’m in.


I find a great way to promote DGTX is to just talk about it to people in person. It’s all I think about anyways so it comes quite natural to me :sweat_smile: When people can feel & see your passion about something in person, they typically listen.


Let’s get rocking in #Valletta. I know a past chairman of the Malta Stock Exchange.