Price Speculation


Dear Adam,

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to inquire.

As you saw from the reverse auction, there has been some folks who have held doubt on Digitex. Though for the initial investors, it was still a great outcome, the grandest speculation we continue to witness within Telegram is price speculation. Given that the auction did not hit the price points as some desired , do you still foresee that Digitex will perform within the fabric of your earlier prediction?
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Hi JamesZebra, thanks for the question, I think the reverse auction actually went well considering that we sold 10% of the total supply for double the price that we launched at one month earlier, and that was right after the crypto markets had their biggest price collapse ever. The price of every cryptocurrency collapsed literally the day after our ICO which was on January 15th and yet we still managed to double our price in the reverse auction on February 15th so I think that’s a good indication of the interest that exists in the Digitex project. If the markets hadn’t crashed I reckon the reverse auction would have sold out at 5 or 10 cents. Yes we started the auction off at 25 cents but that wasn’t us expecting to get that much, reverse auctions are supposed to start too high so they can then find their true value as the price drops.

But anyway, that’s just price speculation based on a good idea. And good ideas aren’t worth shit without great execution of the idea, and that’s what we’re doing now. The true value of the DGTX token will be figured out at crunch time when the Digitex Futures Exchange is launched in Q4. If the exchange is fast and stable and has thousands of traders on it then the DGTX token will easily reach the 25 cent level and will continue to climb higher as our markets get more and more liquid.


Dear Adam,

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I agree that the the reverse auction was a great outcome! Looking forward to the future with Digitex!

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You seem so down to earth Adam, looking forward to being on this ride and seeing the masterpiece your team creates


I think we might even see close to a dollar, if our exchange is stable on launch and have decent adoption rates. :slight_smile: