Price Prediction- Opening Bell


For those of you that frequent the DGTX Telegrem channel, you will be aware that one of the more popular topics, is the price prediction of both first week of DGTX hitting the exchange and being announced, to a years time from that first week.

So, I thought, why not start a little conversation where everyone can give their opinions on the subject. With that said, let me kick it off with my predictions

First week we will go to 10-20 cents per DGTX
A Years time we will see it at 70cents - $1

Alright bring it. Positive, negative, I want to hear it.


Hey Matt,

I hope your doing well!

You always have positive advice in the room!

Regarding my prediction, i would guess minimum .05 cents and perhaps 1 dollar minimum by end of the year. If Bitcoin hits 50k, probably 2-3 dollars.



My predictions are simulair to yours. 20-30 cents in first couple of months, up to 1 dollar when platform is up. After that if platform performs sky is the limit!


After Q2 I think we will have two ranges:
1 - between 0,07 - 0,12 USD
2 - between 0,15 - 0,30 USD

in the first weeks.

When the platform launched is 1 USD is not a finish line for me, rather direction to 2 USD


My prediction for price when listed on external exchange in Q2 is .05 cents and with that I hope investors don’t get too worried that it didn’t open higher.

The real opportunity for a dramatic price increase in my opinion is when the Digitex exchange opens in Q4 and it will reach 1.00 dollar the first month when both investors and traders are buying tokens for their individual needs.


I’m 100% positive, it will touch $10 per dgtx within the next 3 years!


I’m pretty much in line with you…

20 - 35 on exchanges
1 - 2 bucks in a year, depending on the price of btc…
probably stabilize somewhere closer to $1. But I expect a larger pump.


I am hoping for 1 cent or less (e.g. $0.01 or perhaps $0.005), as I would like to acquire more DGTX asap. By the end of 2018, perhaps $0.50 - $1.50.



I agree on your end year estimate. Not seeing this one drop under ICO price though. Would be very happy to be able to buy more at 0.03 - 0.05.


I believe exchange will start with 0.03 because many whales and baby whales whould want to get x3… So they sell of some tokens
Then will move to 0.05-0.08 at Q3
Because of much hype of Digitex futures platform and marketing at the end of Q3, Dgtx will have a quick bullrun to $0.5-$1


I hope you’re right princess whyte :grin:


DGTX Price will be 1$ in october according to my trading experience.