Paper Trading?


Hi Adam!

Will there be a facility to paper trade so people can practise safely without risking any tokens?

Any plans for a beginners video to show and explain the basics of CFD trading? Experienced traders will take to it like a duck to water but for people that have only just learnt how to buy crypto, it may be daunting.



Not sure if there will be a paper trading option, I’m not ruling it out am just not sure its something we’ll be including in version 1. With no trading commissions and a tick size of 1 DGTX token it’s cheap enough for a trader to play around with one lots, although as the price of the DGTX token increases it will become more expensive. Maybe when the DGTX token hits $1 we would reduce the tick value down to 0.1 DGTX to make sure that beginners and smaller traders can still play around whilst learning.

Yes we will be making videos and How To Trade guides before the exchange launches.


My suggestion is to maintain the BTC contract as a standard with 5: 1 Digitex and, in addition, as the Digitex rises in price, to provide contracts as mini or micro contracts. These can then be 50: 1Digitex and 500: 1 Digitex. On the other hand, you could also offer block trading in which you offer contracts with 5 : 5 Digitex or even $ 5: 10 Digitex the heavy trader. I believe that this will give every trader a lot of leeway for risk management.