New Users Introduce Yourself!


Hey guys! I’m Adam Todd the founder of Digitex. Spent a few years as a pit trader in London and several more years trading horse racing prices on betting exchanges, once going 8 months without a losing day. I developed a popular one-click sports trading application that’s been online for 14 years. Was fascinated by the potential of cryptocurrency as soon as I discovered it. Am excited to see how much demand we can create for the DGTX token by building an easy to use futures exchange with zero trading costs and liquid markets. I like doing calisthenics, handstands, skateboarding, spearfishing and freediving.



Hey everyone! I’m Sona from the UK. Been investing in crypto since 2015 and was lucky enough to join the awesome Digitex team as a support member in early January :grinning: In my spare time I love watching and playing football(won’t name the team I support as they’re pretty awful nowadays…).

I’m also apparently really bad at intros since that’s the best I could come up with…


Hey guys! I’m Dmitrij from Eastern Europe and apparently i’m even worse than Sona at intros :sweat_smile:
Been in to Crypto for two years now and got really lucky to join the best project ever aka Digitex earlier this year. To the Moon! :grinning:


Hello folks,

Name is James, discovered Digitex through a friend in the Dec-Jan period. Strong believer in this system as I think Adam has hit all the key points for Digitex to succeed. I provide advice to crypto start-ups.

I also enjoy assisting Dmitrij, Sona and Dan when I can on Telegram!

Brazilian Jiu jitsu, Digitex, Space Game (still trying to beat Dmitrij’s score), Crypto advising!


Hi. NJ here. I am glad to be a part of this project and am also keen for demand for Digitex to increase. I’m hoping this will be my most profitable ICO investment thus far. I can see a lot of potential for Digitex to grow as a zero-commission exchange. I enjoy discussing cryptocurrencies, history, travel, drawing artwork and writing.



Hello Guys.

I’m Timothy, Goodluck Neka but am known in the Crypto Community with the Nick name SouthBoy_Dini, I’m from Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
I love football and hanging out with my day one friends.
I have been trading for sometime now but fell strongly in love when I stumble on DGTX via whatsap, after reading the white papers and doing a mini investigation on the team, I’m convinced that the DGTX has no direction to go but UP!
Thanks ones again guys, let’s do this.


I’m JP from Houston, Texas and started buying and selling crypto in the fall of 2017.
I found Digitex just before the ICO and can’t wait to see the progress from here forward.


Hey people!

Great to see many of you already here and active! Already did a quick scope of the website and i have to say it looks fantastic! Great job on that!

I’m Rob from the Netherlands and have been into cryptocurrency since 2013. Started as a daytrader on BTC-e without any experience except from some stock trading, and that didnt go very well in those early days :grin:
Now i’m more into holding projects with potential for the longrun and DGTX is one of those projects on the top of my list! I’m not waiting on exchanges btw, im waiting for the platform because eventually that is where the value of this project is at.

Until now i want to thank the team for the great work and the community for being very active even when we are not listed on any exchanges jet.

Lets build DGXT together!



Hey guys. Dako here from The Netherlands. Bought some DGTX in ICO amd some more in auction, strong believer for this one. Keep up the good work guys!


Hi guys!
Radim here from the Czech Republic! I was lucky enough to get in the ICO on January 15th. The community is just awesome! You guys have been just awesome on telegram! The team is getting stronger every day, and I’m looking forward to see the working platform! I strongly believe in the project!

Hope we will maintain this community!


Hello peeps!
I’m Arash from London. I’ve been doing stocks and forex trading for last 4 years. I’ve tried looking for trading platforms with low fee but there weren’t many to satisfy me :smile: I got into crypto in beginning of 2017. Found digitex browsing hot icos :smile: and after research I couldn’t find better opportunity than this. So here I am with those lucky ones who got into ico and reverse auction. I’m very hopeful like all others and I ain’t gonna land on moon_ MARS PEEPS!!
C’mon ADAM you will make it happen! WE ALL BELIEVE IN YOU!


Hey guys I’m Ivan from Balkans and I got in by pure accident!
I love long walks on the beaches and romantic sunsets, being sarcastic and pointlessly explaining things. I got in crypto on first week of December and I’ve been sucking since.


In time youll be fine mate, just hodl and hang in there!
Know the feeling and it can take some time but one day youll be more than fine :wink:


Patience is the key to success my friend, you’ll be fine :+1:


You will definitely get up stronger


So much love today, I’m gonna explode :notes:


Hi! I’m Gary from Australia, Digitex was my first ICO but I’m a firm believer in the platform and what it can potentially grow into. I got started into crypto late last year/early this year and got a bunch of diverse coins. I want to move more into TA during the coming weeks, the knowledge I gain will help with making profitable moves.

I look forward to the launch and growth of Digitex, Adam seems like a passionate and driven individual and the team will no doubt produce something amazing! The only thing left to do is to share it with the world and grow it into a beast



Hey All! I’m Christopher. I’ve been investing in crypto for only about 6 months now. happened upon digitex in one of my crypto groups on fb. I have some background in forex investing so the idea appealed to me right away!


Hello Crypto friends, my name is Andres from Germany. I’ve been in the scene since 09.2017 and am pleased to have discovered DigitexFutures. You all know me as a grandpa in the telegram group. I’m very interested in everything that has to do with numbers. Thus, with all hope and dreams here, my calculations are only to explore the limits and or possibilities. In addition, I learn a system better when I talk or write about it. I am looking forward to this forum and that I may be among the first.