MEW Hack - Was Anyone Affected?



Earlier today there was a hack in MEW resulting in $150k of stolen currencies. Apparently they were phishing the login screen, stealing people’s private keys, and funneling ETH into their wallets. I recommend checking your balance via etherscan in case it’s not fully closed yet. Stay weary DGTX Crew!


this is crazy !!
I thought blockchain, and decentralised exchanges was spose to weed out hackers and the likes ?
Why and how could this of happened.
Its nearly impossible to stay safe?
How can these people be caught and made examples of !!!?


Apparently they weaseled their way into Google’s DNS & re-routed traffic from MEW to their own site & harvested private keys. I don’t know if they even can be caught, but I hope they are


Always make sure the site you’re on has the green lock next to the address as below. Not even just for crypto but any site where you might login or buy or have personal info stored:

People who lost funds would’ve seen something like this on the MEW site: