Looking to Buy an Official DGTX T shirt


Was wondering if there’s a place to buy an official DGTX Tshirt? looking to support the project and i’m a tshirt person lol…Anyone know if there’s anything like that available???


I don’t think, there is anything like that currently. It would be awesome promotion though. :smile:


Well then I say let’s get it rolling! I know I’m not the only one who would want one. Or 3


i would also love to get for myself here in nigeria


hopefully we’ll see some sort of online store OR, maybe Adam will just ship out some T’s to his long time supporters who would like nothing more than to sport a DGTX Tshirt around town and people ask them “hey what’s that shirt mean?” hahaha…cmon Adam, Tshirt Tshirt Tshirt!!! everyone loves a Tshirt right?


We’re getting samples done; patience young padwan.


sweet…please post in this thread when complete…i wanna be the first order!!!


They’ll be sold in a reverse-auction fashion. Starting at $1000 per shirt, goes down $1 per day. When the volume of orders matches the number of bids we receive, then the auction will stop and everyone will be paying that price.

That or we’ll do a Vickrey Auction.