I operate daily futures on OKEX and BITMEX and both exchanges are connected to BOT:, HAAS is a reference for daytraders around the world! So I think creating a KEY API and linking DIGITEX to HAASONLINE will impose a brutal demand for DGTX tokens, since most of the BOT strategies depend on commission amounts, and with Digitex comission-free, we’re going to explode in volume fast! HAASONLINE will bring Digitex to the moon!


I agree. I brought up automated trading in the telegram a while ago, but at the time they weren’t sure if it would be included. I suspect that there will be an API though. It seems like the natural thing to do. Perhaps as a phase 2, as I don’t think it was included in the original plan.


Love this idea.


Seconded, bringing more players to the platform sounds mega exciting. A rising tide lifts all boats!


So basically hooking DGTX up to HAAS allows for bot trading?


I’ve always had mixed feelings about bots trading on exchanges. I understand they bring liquidity but as a former pit trader I hate the idea of manually trading against robots. The online poker rooms ban bots because players dont want to play against robots, what are people’s thoughts about restricting bot access to the Digitex Futures Exchange as a way of making it more attractive to manual scalper type traders?


I agree with you that it should be ran without bots if possible but also think if they would create more demand for tokens it could be a plus for investors


Yeah it may be an interesting idea but I’d say for the first build at the least it should be avoided.

Bots from the off will just kind of ruin the experience, as soon as bots come in, fine there will be added liquidity but then the average trader will end up being unable to do anything. Bots killed betfair. Lets crawl before we can walk.


And since Digitex has its own market makers that provide liquidity, I would rather not to see any other bots. It will not make the price of DGTX itself go so high but if everything will work perfectly, we wait for year or two, I’m sure anyone of us will be disappointed by the price of DGTX. Lives are long… no need to rush and have everything from day to day.


I will be interested to see how they make it so the DGTX market bots can trade without risking loss.


Exactly! I remember trading on betfair before it was overrun with bots and it was great, and I think it was actually busier and did more volume. The bots didnt add to the volume, they just replaced the human traders who left but who would have stayed if the bots weren’t there. I understand the argument about bots creating more demand for DGTX but if all they’re doing is replacing humans then do they actually create more demand or not? And there is something attractive about a busy futures exchange where you’re trading against other people.