Is anyone here unfamiliar with Futures Trading?


Either Futures Trading in general or BTC Futures? It can be a bit confusing at first, but I think its important for everyone to have a firm grasp and understanding of the concept before we open the floodgates to the public. This way, we will be able to efficiently & correctly explain it to the newer investors who don’t know about Futures.


God yes, can you explain everything like I’m a 12 yearold with lemonade stand and business acumen?

For example, how would one attract someone who finds trading and crypto in general interesting, but has so many venues to explore now, to focus on futures trading.


Forgive me for taking so long to respond, we are all still learning how to navigate the forum :sweat_smile:

Futures Trading is an agreement to pay a predetermined price for an asset at a future date, regardless of what the value is of that asset on the future date. This is great for volatile markets such as oil, because the buyer receives a consistent price for a certain amount of time, and the seller receives a consistent income.

This is the same concept for BTC Futures. A BTC Futures Contract is an agreement to pay a predetermined price for a certain amount of BTC on a future date, no matter what the price of BTC is on that date. In this sense, it is less traded less for stability reasons (as with oil), and more for betting, in a sense; either the buyer or the seller will come out on top.

In response to your question regarding attracting someone who finds crypto interesting, perhaps you can explain to them that it is like betting. Or, you can explain that if they study the market carefully and learn how to properly speculate, futures trading can allow them to make more money faster in comparison to buying & hodling.

Hope this helped!