How Long would you want to hold your #DGTXToken


Hello guys.

It’s no longer news that The DGTX Token had one of the most successful ICO which lasted for only 17mins, it sold out very fast - more than $20m came into the smartcontract immediately after the sales but there was no token left hence it was refunded back to the contributors,

Since then, demand has been high for the token, People ask everyday on our telegram group where they can get the DGTX… I would like to know how long you wish to hold this token?? to the moon or dump for few profit?


Hey nekgate,

The value will come from the “use of the platform” that will be launched in Q4.
Selling within 6months after the launch of the platform would be very stupid in my opinion…

For myself its a very long term investment and dont expect to sell anything before atleast the end of 2019, and even than it will only be a small % every time.

I also think that if people want to support this project, they should never “dump”, sell in layers so the market doesnt get hurt.

Greetings Robbiej010


I strongly agree with you Bro.
I’m looking forward to read the opinion of others


My stand is little bit different :smiley: Since I’m a student, I will have to cash out a bit (and I don’t have much either :smiley: ). I wish to hold the token long term as well. Same like nekgate. I’m really excited about the project.


Wow! I see, thanks Buddy for letting us know about this, good luck with it. :grin:


Thanks :smiley: I hope in bright future.


Sure we on the right track. :on:


18/05/2021 at 3:15AM as it reaches the top of the 5th elliot wave. >_>


Im defo going to hold it till q2 2019. Im also gonna keep more than half, i have, for futures trading.


Sounds good Defo.
Thanks for sharing that beautiful strategy.


You want to keep them for your grand kids buddy :joy::joy:


my Digitex is gonna be in my wallet until future trade… Cus that’s the real deal. And that’s when token will appreciate in value


no mate,

Than they will see you got rich being Lazy :joy:


So you basically holding till 2018 Q4


Lols, funny


I don’t think it’s safe that I procreate :laughing:


Hahahah :grin::joy::grin::joy:


Holding. No sense in selling for 2x when the sky is the limit. Will re-evaluate my position maybe in 2020 :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably dump a few for profit/recoup if it hits .50

other than that, I’m holding for the moon (and for actual use on the platform lol)


As a grandpa, I have considered two strategies. First, I definitely want to trade at Digitex Futures, but that will depend on the market situation, Digitex token price. Second, I will sell token in monthly installments so I can supplement my pocket money for a few years. However, I will not rush both and I will examine this quarterly from Q2 2018. Let’s see if my strategies work.