How Important is it for Digitex to Have a Solid YouTube Channel & Following?


I personally think its very important, seeing as there is a sizable amount of crypto YouTube influencers that have some sort of effect on ICO’s. Establishing Digitex as an authority in this market would build trust in new investors and subsequently drive up the token price.

I think that we should really pump up our channel with educational videos, videos from the team, videos about the platform, small excerpts from the blog , trending Digitex forum topics. What do you all think?


Totally agree with you Dan, infant if somehow we can convert our telegram participants to follow our youtube channel, it will be great. We will have 16000+ followers immediately. Why not pass the message multiple times intermittently on our telegram group and the official announcement group as well.


Glad you agree! The social team and I are getting a plan together for regular video posting across all channels including YouTube. Once it is set in motion we can begin promoting the YouTube channel more in the Telegram chat! :smile:


Dan any update on having videos and platform in multiple languages. That will be very important.

Also are we also building a iOS and Android app along with the actual platform.


In terms of the videos, nothing yet. Adam did say he thinks it is great to at least translate the site, white paper, and the few words there will be on the exchange to multiple languages.

You are the second person to ask me this today, and it is a great question that I can’t believe I have not thought of yet :sweat_smile: I’ll ask the team when everyone is back on Monday & get back to you.


Important thing is a mobile friendly site, there will be a lot of legal issues with a trading platform going on the app store for instance and I think Digitex would need to basically be fully regulated everywhere to get on there…

Most exchanges don’t have an app that is officially on app or play store - it’s a regulation issue. Bitmex e.g. the biggest futures exchange around in this space doesn’t have an app on those despite its vast resources but its mobile site is great. Okex has one but is pretty big on KYC which would defeat the point of crypto really…


Makes sense, even if we do not have the apps, it will be great if we can imitate our kick-a** one click trading even on a mobile site. That should suffice considering it will be super user friendly.


Yeah will be interesting to see it, might be difficult to program one touch given you can accidentally touch a slightly different part of the screen. But I guess there are ways around that, making the one touch areas slightly bigger for example, or perhaps making you hold down on the area for a second or two.


Dan thanks for this, as “myusernameisntcool” is mentioning it would be okay if we do not have a app, however it would be imperative if we can have our one click interface even on a mobile site. That would do the trick as it would be user friendly as well.

Pertaining to the site and white paper translations, thats great. However trust me Dan if we want to bring in huge traffic to our platform and build up the heat towards the launch - we should definitely have our videos in multiple languages, it is imperative. We can just have plain music in the background and written content (in different languages) in the video slides. This will save us on getting voice-hover in multiple languages. Just plain background music with text written and visuals.


Sure, makes sense.