Great Team behind Digitex!


I’ve been involved in multiple ICOs in the last year and I am truly disappointed in all of them except Digitex. Once the Hype is over, especially in a bear market without a good team and product the price would just go down, it’s been the case with many (SUPER HYPED ICOs) that are below ico price right now…

Digitex team, a big thank you and appreciation! Good marketing, great communication with the community (especially during sensitive problems like OOOBTC DDoS attack)

On top of everything, the DGTX token is in the green while most are bleeding red.

Looking forward for the product!

Keep up the good work!


I can only add to this my Thank you! This is how many of us feel like towards the Digitex team!


Thank you both for you support as well, Digitex couldn’t do this without our strong community members!