Good Reddit post?


I’ve made an article/discussion that I wanted to post on Reddit about dgtx. It’s not out yet. Not sure if I will post it but what do you dgtx family think?

Is there anything that is wrong in my article or do you think it’s fine to post this on Reddit?

As coin trading continues to dominate the headlines regarding cryptocurrency, it appears as a whole quite a few people are overlooking a major facet of the space and simultaneously one of the best ways of hedging high risk investments without needing to acquire coins at all, futures trading.

While the rest of the investment world has fully embraced futures as a means for profit and hedging against downturns in the market since well before the beginning of the last century, it would appear majority of the crypto sphere has decided to focus on the trading aspect of coins themselves.

Though, this very well may be changing as the current market continues to become saturated with new offerings and noobs pouring in as they try to catch up to the rest of those early adopters in a bid to earn some profits. And while day trading, as well as trading as a whole, will never be replaced by trading futures, evidenced by traditional markets of investment, the popularity of futures and their exchanges might be primed to take off as experienced investors within the space look to expand their reach.

Emerging utility aside, as it stands, there are not as many active futures exchanges when compared to the sheer amount of trading spaces that exist solely to move coins between wallets. And as it stands, each of the existing dedicated spaces for futures runs into one major flaw, as do most exchanges, the commission taken from every movement.

With that commission taken, the potential to make smaller and more abundant investments disappears as the exchange takes its cut, reducing liquidity in the process.

Which brings the point to a new upstart taking what an exchange can be to otherwise new territory.

Digitex jumped onto the radar in recent memory with one exciting perspective in mind, an exchange that operates without need for commission.

And while it begs many to ask, “How does an exchange stay in operation without taking a portion of each movement of assets?” A quick peruse through the published white paper demonstrates that a new type of business model can be implemented to offset the cost of operation without the need for commissions while simultaneously earning those utilizing the system a healthy profit.

Digitex hopes to do this by doing away with the old model and utilizing a native coin system to facilitate futures trading.

And as the prospect of commission-free trading garners new investors to the space, those with Digitex’s native coins, DGTX, will hypothetically be in a position to earn profits off of their holding by offering their investment to newcomers within the space.

Which to many looking for new opportunities, both within futures trading and coin holdings, is quite exciting, making the future of Digitex one to keep an eye on as it moves forward with launching its exchange.


Hi Enjoylife!!
Thank you for creating this post!! It‘s awesome but if I take in perspective the fact that not many people trading crypto are native speakers (just like me), I would consider to point out that DIGITEX is a commission-free futures exchange with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin futures. I would also include more main benefits of Digitex - the same like admins in telegram post every 2 hours or so.

This is great content for some mainstream media as cointelegraf.
Definitely, I could be wrong. I would like to see some other opinions.

Thank you for making this effort for the community!



Like Radim says maybe you can add a couple more benefits e.g. decentralised account balances. But it’s cool, good stuff :grinning:

Maybe tweak this a tiny bit into

Digitex hopes to do this by doing away with the old model and utilizing a native token system to facilitate futures trading of Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum contracts against the US Dollar with account balances, profits and losses denominated in DGTX tokens.


I think your idea is great.

I like everything in your post and hate to be critical but I think you might want to condense the first few paragraphs and get to the main point of Digitex a little sooner to make sure the readers will read your post in it’s entirety. I also think it would be a good idea to include a link to the Digitex website.