Getting Started with The Forum



There are a few rules on the forum, but they can be summed up by the words: Be respectful.

The Legal Stuff

Quick Start

Who are the Moderators & Staff?

  • Staff (and only staff) have the term Digitex in their username.

Guidelines for Posting

  • Never give out personal information.
  • No admin will ever contact you asking to send money to an address.
  • If in doubt, ask an admin.

What will get me immediately and permanently banned?

  • Doing anything to solicit personal information from others.
  • Impersonating an admin.
  • Offering to buy or sell tokens (DGTX or otherwise).
  • Asking for ETH.
  • Making personal attacks on staff or other members. Attack arguments, not people.
  • Sexist, racist, discriminatory, derogatory or hate language.
  • Accusations that Digitex is a scam.
  • Spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

What will get me a warning?

  • Consistently making posts that get flagged as low-quality.
  • Consistent use of unnecessary profanity.
  • Promoting a service that hasn’t been explicitly approved by an admin.
  • Asking for free tokens.
  • Complaining about not getting tokens or commission. You know where to email, and if you have emailed, have patience before emailing again. It takes a lot of time to process these emails.
  • Being deliberately provocative.

Why couldn’t I register with my username?

  • Certain words are banned from appearing in usernames (e.g. Digitex, DGTX, etc. ).

How do I report bullying or inappropriate behaviour?

  • Each post has a flag icon that you can click to report the post. Moderators will be notified about all flagged posts and will decide what action to take.

I can’t Private Message someone

  • We’ve disabled private messaging to prevent scammers contacting individuals pretending to be staff or otherwise soliciting money.

For more information, please re-read this post.