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Hi Adam, I am honored to have a chance to chat with you. Thank you for providing a com forum so we can learn and share Digitex project.
I was just curious when I came acroo an article from CryptoDaily that there are quite a few DEX coming out 2018~2019. I guess there are quite a few existing Cryptocurrency exchanges also. I think this year is probably the year of DEX’s and Block chain projects.
Whats your view on this and how do you intend on surviving ( and coming out on TOP ) this extreme competition?



You’re absolutely right about dex’s popping up left right and centre but we’re not a dex. We’re a hybrid futures exchange with a centralised order book and decentralised account balances.

A dex you buy and sell tokens/coins for other tokens/coins.

A futures exchange you are basically betting on the price of btc/eth/ltc going up or down, and the currency you use is only the Dgtx token. If you are unsuccessful in a trade you’ll lose some Dgtx, if you’re successful you’ll gain some Dgtx. You don’t buy and sell tokens. It’s more like bitmex with a much better interface, zero fees and with its own currency.

This article may help - https://cointelegraph.com/explained/bitcoin-futures-explained

And this demo of the futures exchange - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qxqyspMiPGg


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