FIFA World Cup Tickets Can Be Bought with BTC



Pretty interesting development with Bitcoin. The more it is adopted, the more the value will climb.

What system/event/company do you think would influence the price of BTC the most if they were to begin accepting it as payment?


If the bigshots like Apple, Amazon and Samsung started accepting it btc would go crayyyy - forget the moon, we’d hit another universe :open_mouth: I’d say these companies are more likely to issue their own currency than accept bitcoin though but even I am just speculating.


I just read somewhere that Amazon released blockchain frameworks for ethereum and hyperledger fabric. Could be the beginning!


I’m actually afraid of Apple creating their own currency. If they do it, then Samsung will do it, then Google and Amazon and MS and so on. Then people will covet their coins and the other coins will struggle. That said, Apple could just as easily use Ripple or Stellar. They’re already geared up as financial tools.


Interesting point, I never thought about that. I just imagined the insanity of an Apple ICO :exploding_head: