Exchange requirements


Hi! I would like to bring up the topic about requirements for exchanges in order to list a cryptocurrency. If there are any resources that you all know about that would provide this kind of information it would be really helpful.
I think this the topic that people from community are concerned about. What kind of information the project/company/team has to provide, what are the fees in the top 5 exchanges. Maybe, what exchanges are future and so on. I would like to get some information - I know Adam has already answered this question for Digitex. But I’m sure this is overall concern of many cryptocurrency projects. In the telegram group, all these questions have been already answered but as it gets confused and other topics are brought up, for maturity of people, it is impossible to keep up with that chat. Let’s discuss it over here! It has been created because of this reason! :grinning:


Hey Radim98!

Great questions, but unfortunately this information can not be disclosed. When a coin/token is talking to exchanges about being listed and after they are listed, they are required to sign an NDA, which means that all of this information must be kept from the public, legally.


Hi Dan!
Thank you for the answer! I didn’t know that :smile: So is it individual and depends on every project? There aren’t any “templates” that would every cryptocurrency project have to follow?
Thank you for your time :smile:


Let me give you a few examples without revealing any names:

These are in the top 30 on CMC

1: 0.5 Million USD for Listing on XYZ and an additional Risk Management Fund of 50BTC. Can be Withdrawn after half Year. Also a campaign fund of 40 BTC in tokens.

2: 30 BTC + 10 BTC of DGTX

3: 1 Million USD (in BTC)

Some other points:

  • Many exchanges do not reply or say come back when you have trading volume of X.
  • We have a couple exchanges who we are waiting to update their contracts to be ERC-223 compatible.
  • Some exchanges who want a Lawyers (USA) Letter stating that we are not a security.
  • Some exchanges want us to be on CMC before they will talk about listing.


Thank you very much! That’s an awesome list of what I was exactly asking about!
Now, I understand the difficulties much better!
Much appreciated!