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Let’s start a thread with what the community thinks about the exchanges we are listed on. Your input is the most valuable, please let us know what you think!

#2 is good exchange


Thanks for the feedback! What do you like about it?


It works for me so…


Trying to add bitcoin to my OOOBTC wallet and when I click deposit it just stays blank in the address field … all other tokens and ether give a tx address straight away … weird and I’m cross coz I wanna buy some DGTX :money_mouth_face:


This whole blog and the ENTIRE Digitex project is a real standard bearer for crypto and ICO by the way - well I have to sleep so if the price jumps overnight I’ll be even madder in the morning :joy:


Hey! Have you read our blog explaining how to use OOOBTC? You can read it here ==>

If you don’t find your answer there, feel free to comment back on this thread and I’ll try to help :smile:


Wow, very strong words! Thank you so much! We are working hard day and night, weekdays and weekends to make this project successful for everyone involved. Thank you for your awesome support!


No problem … fully deserved - btw, I always forget to “go incognito” in Google … so I did and OOOBTC gave me the bitcoin address no problem :cowboy_hat_face:


A question - I deposited my btc, chose a buy order and it put the price into the “limit order” field - I then adjusted the amount of tokens to match my available btc balance and clicked “buy” - does that mean I definitely get the tokens? The order is still open at the moment …


Someone have to accept that order, or you can just buy or sell at the price available instead of placing new order.



hi ive tried to buy £300 worth of digitex /btc… on 000BTC but its saying …
Amount of transactions can not be less than0.5Amount of transactions can not be less than10000000
have i just wasted my time …any help thanks

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This is the wrong thread so I’ll move it after.

I’m not sure what you mean as I’ve just managed to set a buy order for 1dgtx. You definitely have £300 worth of btc?


yes transfered from coinbase 0.05323540 of btc?


Hmm… I get this error when on the eth/btc market but not on the DGTX one


I’ve pm’d you, you should get the notification


Please list Digitex coin on major exchanges like binance, bittrex and bitfinex so, that the daily trading volume increases as well as the price of coin raise.
It can bring Digitex coin to major audience which can create hype for digitex coin.


Hello Digitex Team!

I’m really happy to see that we got listed on exchanges! The interface of these exchanges is so good wow! It’s a pity they don’t have the volume.

I’m a strong believer that Digitex will be one of the most used exchanges with high volume once we go live in Q4. Just look at the futures-volume that Bitmex handles. Now imagine that volume on Digitex, paired with the native DGTX token. Huge added value to the DGTX token.

However in order to be that exchange, I hope we get some listings like a just to get a little more traction.

Q2 is almost over… Then comes Q3, and then comes DIGITEX’s TIME. Until that time we should expose the DGTX-token to top 15 exchanges to gain a userbase. Just like for example the Ethos Wallet (Project is more than 6 months old, but is being traded for months on an exchange like Binance!)



If the opportunity to hit a bigger exchange is there then we’ll of course take it. But this is unlikely in the short term.

Adam’s post on exchanges is in here - Adam and exchanges