Digitex Development Update


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Here’s a quick update from our CEO, Adam Todd


I’m glad to hear such a good news from YOU!! :smile: You got me really excited once again!!
Keep going!
To the moon!! :smile:


Thanks for the update, it’s good to know that lots of work is going on in the background… and nice knife :rofl:


Thanks for the update and the positive energy!


Thanks for the update Adam. I’m always a big supporter of Digitex. I’d like to know though, what’s the knife doing in your desk? LOL!


In next video Adam will show his gun :sweat_smile::grin:
You have to be secured, when you are the owner of Digitex :grin:


Nyahahahaha! Awesome response @Digitex_Dmitrij.
That’s why I love Digitex! Boom!