Digitex Development Update by Adam in Dublin


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Digitex Development Update by Adam in Dublin – Digitex Futures News & Blog

Quick update by Adam who was in Dublin with the software development team.


Thanks Adam. I look forward to hearing the interviews you have with Youtubers. I wish I was one of those highly subscribed to Youtubers. However… It really takes consistency and commitment to being a youtuber and I just cannot do that. I have a young family and a very busy life. I hope you liked the DGTX Promotional Beta video I created. I intend to commit time to doing more.
I think in the interviews you do with Youtubers… Some key points in the whitepaper can be discussed to clear up any confusion that certain people still seem to have.
We do understand that many invest or are interested in an exchange to launch and they neglect to read the white paper. At best they may brieflyb peruse it.
I read it 2 days before I invested and I invested with my eyes WIDE OPEN. This idea of yours is Novel and unique and with your Track record of commitment… I had no choice but to take a chance with your idea. And since the Token has launched on the exchanges… I have been accumulating more. The price dropping from my purchasing on the exchanges does not concern me in the least… All these prices that we have seen on the exchanges are bargain buys for this token. I have picked up many many thousands at the 100 sats price as weak hands freaked out and sold… If they bought in January, then they still profited. So they are happy and I am happy. Thanks for the updates… Keep them coming.