Digitex blog, community. YouTube? Complain/opinion


Hi dgtx familiy. I’m just wondering is all the dgtx sosial site like the blog, forum, and YouTube random topic of everything? I kinda understand that the blog was all topic blog. But what about the community and YouTube, Twitter? I’m not interested to hear about other Topic that’s not related to dgtx in every sosial media dgtx have?

My idea is that keep (how to creat kraken account) and stuff like that on the blog. Posting it on twitter, YouTube, community. It Makes it so people believe dgtx gonna be listed on kraken. And when it’s not it’s just sad :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Just opinion


Hi Enjoylife!
I totally agree with you in case of the Kraken topic. It made me think of there is listing on Kraken coming.
On the other hand… I generally believe only what the team says. It would be in the announcements section if there would be such a thing. (I my opinion) But this is exactly the problem of other projects, and crypto community as a whole. Whenever some “random dude” posts something somewhere, people are not used to verify the information at all. (Again my opinion)
For the Digitex forum - I find the value of the content posted here incredibly high. Simply because I can learn about the cryptography in general. I would like to stay the same it is right now. It’s got a potential to be as huge as Reddit.
But it is good you brought up this discussion. If anyone have some other opinion, I would like to hear it.


Yeah sorry I was not clear enoght on my first post. I agree on every topic should be allowed in here for discussion. My point was to kraken video. And yeah dgtx would have announced if it was listed in exchange. But this is how rumors starts in crypto :rofl:


Yeah true!


Yeah :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Totally agree :rofl:


I didn’t mind it, like Radim said I only believe what the team said. 1 minute after it got posted some people were in TG asking and the admin was straight and said no. Seems people need a reason to complain about everything :open_mouth:


Example - Kraken has margin trading. If one person who uses Kraken for Margin trades sees digitex and gets involved then it’s job done for me.


My point is there should be one only dgtx related for only dgtx. The blog is for every topic. But the YouTube is not. Fine some people need help to creat an kraken account. But that’s why it should be in the blog. And people who already know it can count on Digitex related stuff on YouTube channel or something. I followed dgtx YouTube for dgtx related stuff not how to make a kraken account. But again everyone have different opinions


Fair enough but I don’t mind it. They’re trying to build the digitex followers as a whole, once you split it up into blog side and digitex side it won’t really work so well. The main idea is driving people to the site.


Hello Enjoylife!

I’m Dan, you probably recognize me from Telegram. I also manage all social media accounts, and I’m super glad you asked this.

Here’s the reasoning behind posting articles like ‘How To Create a Kraken Account’ on social media.

Thru the Digitex blog & forum, we want to become an authority in the cryptocurrency space. We want all investors, new and seasoned, to recognize Digitex not only as an amazing project, but also as a source of reliable knowledge.

This way, when people have questions about certain topics, they will always be able to refer back to Digitex for all crypto related information. This in turn brings more attention to the token, therefore building the community. The more people that know about Digitex, the more the value of the token increases.

Authority Figure + Reliable Product x Educated Community = Unstoppable.

I hope this answered your questions! Thanks for voicing your thoughts, I really appreciate it.


Nailed it! :smile: Thank you for doing all of this! It is definitely the way of making the community stronger! :smile: