Dgtx to ooobtc exchange...extremely challenging



I sent DGTX to OOOBTC from MEW almost 90 minutes ago with more than 250 confirmations and still not showing in my OOOBTC dgtx walllet…WTF…this is not a good start to my favoured crypto…What gives? Have contacted support 3 times…anything???


Be patient please, if you asked their support with Tx id they will help you, just be patient.


It will get there bro. One of my deposits took 10 minutes and another one took 3 hours. Just gotta wait it out. Patience bro


OK…thanks…appreciate the response


Hey Derrick! Did the deposit go thru?


Digitex_Dan…Yeah…sometime last nite while I was sleeping…was more the 5 hrs and still did not show…but its there this am…Thanks. Troubling tho!


A newbie question … if I placed a buy order and it says “in order”, how long will it take to complete? I ordered less than the total amount of tokens in the original order …


Someone have to accept that order, or you can just buy or sell at the price available instead of placing new order.


Ahh thnx - is that because I placed a limit order … so if I cancel it how do I just buy? Sorry for basic questions but haven’t bought on an exchange like this before …


How to Use the OOOBTC Exchange



I read the blog … I guess the problem is my order is priced at 0.00000159 which was the price in the choice of 15 buy orders available but looking at the trading history the buy orders that completed in the last hour are at 0.00000182 … so I have to cancel and buy at that price?


Yes, or you can wait if you think that price will go lower to the one you are asking.
By looking on it now i can see 0.00000187 is the lowest offer available.


Got it! Thanx for your help - it’s like a drug this DGTX … must have more :rofl:


If you want to buy instantly at available price just select the lowest sell order.


Your issue with OOOBTC already solve?


This are great :v:
Thanks for sharing :raised_hands::clap::clap: