Alternative Price Prediction Discussion


Is anyone interested in discussing their thoughts on an alternative price prediction?

Is there a price that the DGTX token can hit both high or low that might make it either hard or impossible to work in the current platform plan as stated?


(1) the price could drop so low like .001 cents (a hypothetical price that I don’t think it would ever reach but just used for discussion) and then the total tokens in circulation less the tokens held as investment and not available for daily trading would not be large enough to handle the trades needed to make the site viable = it would take 10,000 tokens to make or lose one 1 dollar per tick on BTC without adding in the margin requirements.

(2) the price could go so high, lets say $100.00 that the normal sized trader could not take the exposure of a regular days tick range

Just throwing it out for your thoughts


Hey JP!

  1. I honestly don’t have an answer for that. I have never thought of that situation because I don’t view it as a possibility, therefore I don’t have an answer. Success is the only thing I see with Digitex, as I’m sure you agree :smile: I will think about this and get back to you. Excellent query.

  2. If the price would go too high, perhaps the best thing would be to mint a larger amount of tokens the next time tokens would be minted.


Thanks for your thoughts
After I opened the discussion I saw a post from Adam that stated that he thought that if the price did get to high Digitex might offer contracts lower than 1 token which would handle the problem.

I’m with you I only like thinking about the problem of the token price going so high that we have to figure out how to solve it.