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Hi Adam! Just wanted to say I’m happy for exrates and ooobtc exchanges. But I have some question that I think more people would like the answer to.
What made you pick those exchanges instead of 1 big or something that is well known by crypto community? Is there any donation we can do so you
Don’t have to use to much money on exchanges? I get that many exchanges can be a strategi. But I think it’s important to listen to the community also. I personally think 1 exchanges is better than many even if it’s only 1 exchanges to dgtx releases the platform. hitbtc, kucoinbittrex, etc etc.
Please tell us what made you think this was better marketing that some we’ll know exchanges?
The token holders have dropped with 10-30 people since we hit exrates. And is below auction ico.

Exchange Questions, Comments, Concerns

Honestly buddy, I am happy with the way things are going. Its okay if we have multiple small exchanges. I am willing to trade that off with a huge marketing campaign and bumping the platform launch by a few months (earlier). We would need to save money for referrals as well - which is I think a part of the marketing strategy.


Hey Enjoy, please do not take my message below the wrong way, it is more a general post rather than at you although I do think you should take some note of it.

The one thing I have realised in the last 2 days is that the Digitex community is incredibly whiny and ungrateful about everything. I don’t know if its the timing of digitex, they arrived in a time where new people were swarming into crypto expecting massive gains and big exchanges quickly based on no knowledge of crypto in general and then watched the whole market drop by more than half and started panicking. Maybe it’s the free bonus tokens which brought a lot of uncaring ‘airdrop’ type people who rather than being grateful to digitex for giving them free tokens they just complain about everything again.

One thing I am seeing on TG, twitter, Facebook of Digitex is these people who simply say things like ‘where marketing’, ‘why not marketing’. They really do make me laugh.

What is marketing to these people? Maybe paying John McAfee an insane amount of money to tweet Digitex, maybe paying suppoman 5btc to shill in a video and get a pointless 2 day pump which doesn’t really benefit the whole community, it benefits suppoman and a select few because the reality is if you are buying low and then shilling and then selling high, someone is buying the high. Maybe it’s paying one big exchange $1million for the priviledge of listing on their exchange.

What is marketing in reality? Marketing is a tool used to grow a brand or increase attention in a product/idea/whatever it may be.

How do you actually market effectively? Create content. Are they creating content? OMG yes they are! Where? The blog. It’s early days for the blog but that’s the point. You need to build it up, that’s why it’s being done in Q2 presumably rather than a month before product launch. Generally the most effective way to market something is with the full product, they can’t do that yet so they are creating content which not only drives traffic to the website but will actually educate people based on the blog posts there. All I am seeing is constant whining on digitex channels, saying digitex need to utilize the community.

Here’s a question. Has anybody actually read the blog/articles? And when you get to the end of a blog post what do you see? That’s right, there is a share button. You can then share it to other social media, has anybody actually done this? I have. I assume 99% of people following digitex haven’t.

So the point I’m making here is there is just constant scrutiny and critisism thrown at the Digitex team but what are the community doing? They have the opportunity to share but they’re not. This leads me to believe that most people don’t actually care about the idea, they were here for a quick buck because they think crypto is a magical kingdom where you can invest $1 in an ico and then have $100 dollars 5 months later.

Another effective way to market something is by having a place where the community can go and have constructive discussion about the product/idea/shared interests/anything really. By showing that you are wanting to maintain a community like this it also shows that they actually care about the Digitex holders.

It would be easy for them to have not created a blog and a forum, they could’ve easily just sat around and said hey the product is in q4 and the best marketing tool is with a fully working product so we’ll put our feet up until then. They haven’t. Still nobody has anything good to say, just whining.

On exchanges, I am an investor myself so I’d absolutely love Binance or Huobi or whatever monster exchange you want but look how early in the process this is. It costs an absolute arm and a leg to list on those, it is far too early to pay that kind of money.

Would you prefer to be on binance and have the team run out of money for the futures exchange, or have the team build the futures exchange and then see what funds they have left and go from there? Will being on binance help in Q4 when the team have no money to finish the product because they paid Binance a crazy fee now?

Digitex is still new without a product, it’s not about hitting A star exchanges already.

On the price. You seem to have conveniently neglected the fact that the whole market is down, maybe you yourself have already started panicking.

Let me do some pretty simple math for you.
Dgtx ICO price was $0.008(factoring in the 20% bonus).
$100 would have got you 12500 tokens. On 15th Jan Ethereum was around $1389(going by CMC). so 0.07199424Eth would have got you 12500 tokens.
Now going by now, the last sale price on Exrates while writing this is 0.000023ETH. That equates to around 1.6 cents. Is this not double ICO price anyway?

Now go the other way on ETH prices. To get or sell 12500 tokens multiply 12500 by 0.000023. What do you get? You get 0.2875Eth.
So as you can see DGTX is still above ICO price in USD($0.008 to $0.016), and also well up in terms of Eth Value on ICO price (0.07199424Eth to 0.2875Eth for the same 12500 tokens as per the example).

Does this look as bad as people have been trying to make out? Can we all take a minute to stay calm and not panic 6 seconds after an exchange launch?


Nail, Head, Hit


hi mate thanks for the question. It was trickier than expected to get listed on a decent exchange.

Believe me, if we could pay $500k to be listed on binance I would do that right now. But it’s not that easy. There’s a lot of other requirements to listing on a big exchange and you can’t just buy your way in. The big ones don’t want to take a chance on a small coin and most require a working prototype the public can use, or a letter from lawyers stating the token is a utility token and not a security (which we can’t get because the platform that provides the utility doesn’t yet exist), and a bunch of other requirements that we’re at too early a stage to meet.

So we made a decision to start getting on multiple smaller exchanges first so we can get on Coin Market Cap whilst the software platform is being built. When the futures exchange is ready we will then have a working product and DGTX will already be listed on Coin Market Cap and at that stage we will have no problems getting onto a decent exchange with big volumes which will give us a bunch of new exposure at exactly the right time.


I would like to add something to your post but you said it better in everyway to what I could post even when I have the exact same thoughts. Well done my friend.


Yes. Those who purchased DGTX in the ICO paid 1,301 and got (1301*120%=) 1,561,200. I’m still getting emails from those who didn’t/can’t do the math.


God bless u :clap::clap::clap::clap: