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Yo, welcome to the new forum! I’ll get things kicked off with this thread where you can ask me anything and I’ll drop in regularly and try to answer all your questions.

It’s been a few months since our successful ICO that sold out in 17 minutes and we’ve spent that time focused on the successful development of the Digitex Futures Exchange trading platform. The successful launch of a fast, stable trading platform will create a very nice price bump for the DGTX token, and so for the past couple of months I switched away from marketing to focus on development of the product. Now that development of the futures exchange software is in full swing by our in-house team in Dublin, I’m switching my attention back to marketing to ensure a successful launch when the trading platform is opened to the public in Q4.

I believe the best way to ensure success is to create and nurture a large audience of cryptocurrency investors/traders/freaks through the creation of high quality, niche content on our brand new crypto blog that launches next week. Quality content combined with an effective refer-a-friend system will be a killer combination and will help us build a huge email list. Launching the futures exchange platform to a large audience/email list who are excited to trade on liquid futures markets with no trading costs will create a significant increase in demand for DGTX tokens.

So that’s it in a nutshell. Development is going well and we’re gearing up our online marketing ready for the launch of the futures exchange in Q4. Any questions just ask!