A question regarding perceived obstacles


So my question is, will all countries be able to use digitex to trade or will USA be bannd for example? Is there any regulations or hurdles that digitex has to go through to be a working exchange?


It depends on country jurisdiction Yazzyl, so not all countries will be able to use our exchange and USA is one of them.


Ah wow ok, since Americans won’t be able to use it. What countries are the ones that you guys are planning to realky focus on or like the top country


Whole world :slightly_smiling_face:


this actually does raise the question of “will there be any better exchange listings” then…better in terms of well respected exchanges…because if hodlers have made DGTX and investment and are waiting for Q4 platform release and token price increase, it sometimes doesn’t happen across all exchanges…i would think selling DGTX on the DGTX exchange would be the best option, but now, this could create some issues for those who were unaware of country specific exclusions…I believe in this project, but i definitely don’t see current listing exchanges holding up…creates small issue and will have to rethink strategy maybe…


you cant sell digitex on the digitex exchange, its for bitcoin, etherium and litecoin futures and you get paid out on digitex if your shorting or longing was accurate you cant really trade digitex for anything else on the site


i understand that…but we’re going to need an exchange that does have some liquidity in order to cash in on wins…the ones we do have currently aren’t going to serve that purpose…at least, not that i’ve witnessed yet…i understand that you can’t sell them for BTC etc, but what we have now isn’t going to hold up unless some major changes with those exchanges take place…so i’m hoping that when the time comes, we’ll think about some “bigger” exchanges in order to have the liquidity that will obviously be needed when DGTX gains traction