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    Welcome, and thank you for your interest in helping support Digitex.

    This section of the site is specifically about our refer and earn program, if you are interested in learning about the Digitex Futures Exchange, the DGTX Token or our upcoming ICO then please visit the main website.

    This section is split into six sections:

    • 1: How to Join our ‘Refer & Earn’ program
    • 2: Digitex Refer & Earn DGTX Tokens (ended)
    • 3: Digitex Refer & Earn ETH (live)
    • 4: How to claim
    • 5: Help & Questions
    • 6: FAQs
  • Digitex Support
    1: How to Join our ‘Refer & Earn’ program

    1: Go to our 'Refer & Earn' page.
    2: If you have not already done so enter your email there.
    3: You will see your unique referral code, share this with your friends.
    4: Underneath you will see your referral statistics.

    That’t it, our brilliant system is now keeping track of everything, there is nothing left for you to do but refer your friends. Come back anytime to the 'Refer & Earn' page to see how many referrals you have made.

    Please scroll down to section 4 for information on how to claim your tokens.
  • Digitex Support
    2: Digitex Refer & Earn DGTX Tokens (ended)

    Earn 1000 DGTX for joining our mailing list and 1000 DGTX tokens for each of your friends who you refer who also:
    a: Joins our mailing list and
    b: Claims their 1000 DGTX tokens

    The first stage of the Digitex bounty Program has now ended and it’s been amazing!
    We’ve been getting up to 3,000 email signups PER HOUR on our website!

    We have allocated 50,000,000 DGTX tokens to be distributed.

    You will get your free DGXT tokens delivered soon after the ICO.

    Please scroll down to section 4 for information on how to claim your tokens.
  • Digitex Support
    3: Digitex Refer & Earn ETH (live)

    Earn 30% of whatever your friends spend in the token sale.

    How the program works
    1: When the token starts on January 15th, the friends you have referred will be able to buy DGTX tokens by sending ETH to our token sale smart contract.

    2: You will receive 30% of whatever your friends spend in the token sale.

    3: Your 30% referral payout will be in ETH.

    Please scroll up to section one ^

    Please scroll down to section 4 for information on how to claim your ETH.
  • Digitex Support
    4: How to claim

    Once the ICO starts we will also launch our 'Refer & Earn' redemption page.

    On the redemption page you simply submit your email address and ETH wallet address. Our system will automatically do the rest.

    Once you have done this you will be queued for the Tokens and/or ETH to be sent to your ETH address.

    We will email you directly once the ICO starts to enable you to redeem your Tokens/ETH.

    We cannot offer any other support at this time for the 'Refer & Earn" page, if you have any questions please read further below.
  • Digitex Support
    5: Help & Questions

    We cannot offer support on the 'Refer & Earn' program.

    We will NOT answer questions about the 'Refer & Earn' program in our Telegram Channel.
  • Digitex Support

    When will Digitex coins be listed on exchanges?

    We cannot give you a definitive answer, however rest assured our team are currently active in approaching various exchanges

    When will the Digitex platform be released?

    We are currently in the process of perfecting our trading platform, however we will have to go through many hours of testing before the final release and as such there is no specific date. Our aim is to have it up and running by Q4 2018.

    What wallet do I require to:
    A: Participate in ICO
    B: Receive my “refer a friend” Bonus

    You need an ETH wallet that can accept ERC-223 tokens.
    *We recommend MyEther Wallet or MetaMask

    DO NOT send ETH from your account on exchanges such as GDAX, Coinbase, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bittrex, Kraken etc. If you send ETH from an exchange account your DGTX tokens may be lost.

    Please approach your preferred wallet provider and check that you can accept ERC-223 Tokens
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